Beginning Grandma Soap

I was introduced to the joys and excitement of Soap Making on a Summer School Holiday by my Grandma when I was around 11.
Sadly Grandma passed away on Oct 28th 2019, aged 99 years. 

Grandma grew up on the land and created, fixed, collected, utilized and made do with anything and everything around her. The modern day labels used today like recycled, up cycled, re hashed, pre loved, homegrown, organic and local was something Grandma did and lived with everyday. How lucky was I to grow up in this world, where information was passed down, skills shared and people lived simply.
As a result Soap Making was a shared activity between Granny and I. We spent many sunny days collecting herbs and flowers and creating our own little masterpieces of soapy goodness.

I re discovered modern Soap Making in July 2016 after heading home and catching up once again with Grandma.
Grandma still remembers the times we spent picking flowers and prattling away in the garden “like a pair of Dickie Birds” she would say, and my constant questions about everything.
Reminiscing about the teenage years sent me through a tunnel of "good times" and a nagging thirst to again make soap...So I did!
Grandma at 83 with her cat Meowie




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