01/08/2017 - Tourism West Coast
We are pretty excited to have teamed up with Tourism West Coast and now utilizing their "Untamed Natural Wilderness" banner on our products. We look forward to seeing more local businesses taking the opportunity to use the banner, which is available "Free of Charge". For more info contact Tourism West Coast -


04/09/2017 - MS Craft Fair Greymouth
Our weekend in Greymouth at this years MS Fair was brilliant. We were so busy from the get go that we didn't sit down until well after 1pm. It was awesome to catch up with a lot of return customers and hear all your amazing feedback. We dont believe that there is such a thing as negative feedback, everything we hear and take down are all positive steps in creating a product you love. It seems we have hit the nail on the head so far, as you all so encouragingly and enthusiastically informed us how much you love the products. So thank you all once again for your amazing support...we wouldn't be here without you all:) We look forward to once again supporting the MS Fair in 2018.




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