"Perfect Soap. Good smell for clean travelers"
Nina and Juliette from France xxx
The girls loved the Tramper Camper Bar - perfect for the rest of their Tiki Tour around NZ. Thanks girls and great to chat today and have a good old laugh. Will be super cool to see where you all end up heading now that you have your "Wild Child" on board.



"The Chocolate Thunder from Down Under"
Jake from Victoria, Australia :)
Jake hasn't used his Chocolate Fudge yet, he stole it from his Mothers Gift Box. "It smells and looks too good to be soap, even us fellas like sweet stuff sometimes".



"West Coast Good Bastard"
Stephen from Queensland, Australia.
Stephen grew up on the West Coast, jumped the ditch to the other side and now lives on the Gold Coast. We still think Steve is a "Good Bastard".