Pre XMAS Updates to our page before the silly season really starts.
Pre XMAS Updates to our page before the silly season really starts.
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OFF CUTS BAG (Donation Bags)
The Crafty Chook

OFF CUTS BAG (Donation Bags)

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We refer to our Off Cut Bags as Donation Bags, as with each one sold the money goes towards supporting a local charity or group or other good cause. We have donated over $400 this year to the guys and gals at South West Coastal Clean Up and now supporting Kiwis Clean Aotearoa.

We have an almost continuous supply of slithers, off cuts, swirls, shavings, chunks and pieces available. Packed and loaded up in one of our paper bags we fill as we cut, slice and prep soap for labelling. The contents are always varied as it depends on what we are making at the time. 

The bags are super popular for kids bath time and the adult kids, the shavings can be thrown into the tub like bath confetti and smooshed together to make soap balls. 

We also supply larger chunks for accommodation providers, see seperate listing.

We post the bags inside a card post box, the cheapest way possible across NZ due to width and postage costs. Attempts at wrapping in paper have been a wild ride price wise, any extra width with  adds extra $$ onto the cost. 

All our products are palm oil free, soy free and sls free. We use coloured mica and also natural colourants like turmeric and charcoal. Please be aware that the black and highly coloured contents will colour and stain your bath water. We also use bio glitter for anyone lucky enough to receive a sparkling off cut.





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